Names in the Case:

1. Carlos Ventura – Deceased

2. Marilyn Colon – Deceased

3. Myra – Ruben Cruz’s Brother’s Girlfriend

4. Angel Otero/Maldonado – People’s Sole Witness

5. Julio Santos – Otero’s Stepson

6. Wilfredo Roman – Lugo’s Co-Defendant Acquitted at Trial

7. Lenin Sepulveda – A/K/A Lenny (Alleged Ringleader of Wild Cowboys)

8. Ulysses Mena – A/K/A Chino (Confessed Shooter and Alleged Hitman)

9. Lynne F. Stewart – (Roman’s Trial Attorney, Also Served as Lugo’s Appellate Counsel)

10. Dawn Florio – Former Prosecuting Attorney at Lugo’s Trial

11. Trevor Garel – Roman’s Pre-Trial Attorney

12. Robert T. Johnson – Bronx County District Attorney

13. Mark Tebbens – Bronx Homicide Unit/Leading the Wild Cowboys Case

14. Robert Jackall – The Author of the Book (Title Held to Not Promote the Book)

15. Daniel Brownell – Prosecuting ADA on Members of the Wild Cowboys Case

16. Donald Hill – Former Bronx County ADA Who Represented Bronx County in the Prosecution of the Wild Cowboys in Manhattan, NY

17. Steven Slakovitz – Protestant Chaplain at Shawangunk Correctional Facility

18. Luis Maldonado – Former Inmate Who Otero Confessed to That Lugo Had Nothing to Do with the Murders

19. Michael Race – Private Investigator Who Spoke With and Obtained Affidavits From Witnesses at Trial Who Admitted That They Lied During the Prosecution of Lugo’s Trial

20. Vivian Otero – Otero’s Girlfriend at the Time of the Shooting as Well as Julio Santos’s Mother

21. Wilfredo De Los Angeles – Alleged Hitman for the Wild Cowboys Gang

22. Anthony Gonzalez – Wilfredo De Los Angeles Confessed to Anthony That Lugo Had Nothing to Do with the Murders of Carlos Ventura and Marilyn Colon